Scholarship Resources:

The following are scholarship databases to help provide more scholarship opportunities.

CLICK HERE To visit the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Page

CLICK HERE To visit the FASTWEB Database


CLICK HERE To Visit Smart Scholar

CLICK HERE To visit the Best Scholarship


Scholarship Opportunities

As part of our continued commitment to provide support to community members that serve to enhance their lives, we are proud to offer scholarship opportunities that promote educational growth.

The cost of college tuition continues to rise but resourceful planning can help!

This link provides information and resources to help guide students and families.

There are ways to go to school without borrowing money. From work study programs to crowd funding platforms, today’s learners have options other than traditional student loans. We’ve added to the guide 5 tips to help reduce college costs from high school to post graduation. Our guide inspects may of these options and other resources, including:

  • Alternative ways to pay for college, such as military benefits, employer benefits, and work study.
  • Special tips on how to save on text books.
  • Advice for military service members and veterans