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The Story of Atrisco

A story over 400 years in the making is a story of hardworking, tenacious, yet hopeful people. The first immigrants to what is known today as the United States. A people who viewed their lives and their opportunities as coming from the land they worked; lands that provided shelter and sustenance; and finally in the land that represented hope for their children and their community. A small group of settlers who organized and created a beginning in the late 1500’s that has evolved today, some 400 years later, into a success story for the ages. Today, still organized and operating, the people of the Atrisco Land Grant pursue this generation’s hopes through the Atrisco Companies.

Enjoy the journey and story of the Atrisco Land Grant.



In this video, you will learn about The Atrisco Land Grant history that is 400 years strong. This short video will take us back to the very beginning in 1598 where the land was founded by settlers led by Conquistador Don Juan de Onate. You will also learn about the people of Atrisco, who worked as farmers, sheepherders and ranchers, created trade, and built a strong community where the first chapel “la capilla” brought the Catholic faith to the Atrisquenos.

A New


Although one chapter closed on the Atrisco Land Grant, it opened up another chapter that takes us to where we are today. This video showcases the beginning of a new chapter that encompasses our mission: Education, Cultural Preservation and Economic Development.

Those three focus areas have driven the Atrisco Companies to expand into 5 different companies, each building a sustainable model that is in line with the original intent of the land grant – which remains true to provide programs and services that benefit our heirs and the larger community.

I hope you enjoy learning about how far we have come as an organization, keeping the legacy of the land grant viable while at the same time setting up the companies for continued growth and diversification.

The Future

of Atrisco!

This final video will show you what is in store for the Atrisco Companies. We will continue to grow our heritage for another 400 years to come! We are committed to providing services and programs that will greatly impact our heirs and community for the better, allowing the legacy of the Atrisco Land Grant to be one of the most successful land grants in our country. We are so proud to share with you all the possibilities of what’s to come.

Atrisco Land Grant

NM In Focus

Atrisco Companies CEO Peter A. Sanchez recently did an interview with New Mexico In Focus – KNME regarding the Atrisco Land Grant and also the five entities that exist within the Atrisco Companies.

for Increased Positive Impact with Peter Sanchez

Collaborative Leadership

Peter is the CEO for the Atrisco Companies, a dynamic group of 7 social enterprises including the Rio Grande Educational Collaborative which provides before and after school programs for 1000’s of youth throughout New Mexico and Fathers Building Futures, an economic development initiative ensuring parents and families experiencing barriers from incarceration have the best oppurtunities for stability by providing on the job training in their custom wood shop.


Atrisco Heritage Foundation

To Manage Unique Cultural Art Project

Frederico Vigil has blessed this earth with a number of great works of art that will be around for decades to come. This latest project is another example of that. The support by Atrisco Heritage Foundation and the Atrisco Companies of Federico has always been strong. Atrisco is very appreciative of being included in the latest project by reference to “Atrisco 1598” in the fresco image. The symbolism is significant because of 16th century Spanish colonialism into the New World which ultimately lead to Spanish Land Grants like Atrisco. Atrisco’s connection between Old and New Worlds is on full display for Spaniards and other visitors to see. It is also another great placement of our land grant name. We have now (5) prominent placements of names including here in Albuquerque, NM and also now in Alburquerque, Spain.

Fresco Project is Complete!

Atrisco Training

Training Courses

Atrisco has developed its proprietary soft skills and college and career readiness curriculum, Guide to Greatness, as part of its mission to improve opportunities and outcomes for young people. It focuses on the areas where New Mexico’s youth & adults need the most work, such as self- confidence, interpersonal skills character building, and financial literacy, along with successful techniques to improve academic and professional mindset


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Atrisco Heritage Foundation News

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