About Us


The Atrisco Heritage Foundation was created and is operated exclusively for the purposes of promoting and preserving the ancestral and cultural heritage of New Mexico, and the history of the Atrisco Land Grant. In furtherance of our mission the Atrisco Heritage Foundation seeks to educate ourselves and others about the history of Atrisco and its people. Moreover, as a community partner we seek out opportunities to provide support to community members that serve to enhance their lives. We recognize that improving the conditions of a community may take many forms so we focus in areas such as economic development, education and cultural forms of betterment. The Atrisco Heritage Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) private operating foundation.

Atrisco Heritage Foundation (AHF) is an entity under The Atrisco Companies. The Atrisco Companies evolved from the historic Atrisco Land Grant, one of the most storied Spanish land grants common to our southwestern states. This 17th Century land grant system established settlement and economic development in the New World, and early settlers of New Mexico gained their livelihoods from the land. Today, the Atrisco Companies continue the rich traditions of our ancestors by providing community based business services in all of their entities. The Atrisco Companies have bridged their past with their future. To learn more about the Atrisco Companies go to www.atriscocompanies.com.