We appreciate you bringing a success story.

It was nice talking to someone who has been through what we have, and good bring light to us

I appreciate all the kindness everyone brings to us.

I enjoyed being able to ask questions about someone else who has been in my shoes.

Job Search

Good info for me to job search

Great instructor with great information

The presentation was interesting and thorough. Always enjoyable and pleasant

It allowed me to learn other things I did not know, that I needed to know

Thank you so much for everything! Curtis is an amazing teacher and person.

Grateful for the time and effort.

The instructors are awesome

I would like to thank both speakers for taking the time to work with us on every visit. Each visit was a pleasant one.

Financial Literacy

The instructor Curtis is very personable and educated. He made the topics clear to understand

Everything was satisfactory

It made me better understand and be aware of my financial spending and how to better invest in myself.

It gave me good info on budgeting and how to manage money

Time Management Training

The stuff on goal setting and soft skills description was very helpful

Great energy and very direct, great communication

Informative and well put together

Who Am I Poem

The poem was really neat, it got my mind thinking again.

Atmosphere is great, friendly attitude of Serena & Curtis

The training helped me open up to others about my past and allowed me to hear about others past.

Organizational Skills:

1. He is always SUPER good!

2. Great energy & thoughtful discussion, combined w/fun and humor

3. The games are great team builders

4. Each component of this series is pertinent

5. I enjoyed interacting with other staff

6. Great activities and examples

7. Very effective and great style of teaching

Time Management Training:

1. I liked the information that was given & discussed. The presenter did a wonderful job interacting & keeping us engaged.

2. I enjoyed the experience and learned outside perspective on how everyone can come together to develop better habits for time management.

3. The trainer was personable and energetic

4. I felt the trainer was engaged. He actually felt purpose in what he discussed

Professional / Business Etiquette:

1. Very good workshop, very helpful

2. Very engaging & involves everyone in the training

3. Really like the trainers personality & how he makes it fun and interesting

4. Thought the training was perfect, just wish we had more time always.

Emotional Intelligence:

1. Great Trainer. Always enjoy the workshops

2. Enjoy his senses of humor

3. Really Liked his feedback and knowledge of everything related to the subject