Reintegration Training

We all make mistakes.

Sometimes bad choices affect our health, our marriage, our career and sometimes even our freedom. Sometimes those decisions leave you homeless with no support, or idea on how to move forward. Prison and homelessness is the harsh reality of judicial consequences for women, and men who have broken the law, or have a substance abuse, or mental health issue.

A lot of them want to have the opportunities to learning to make new choices, gain new skills, embrace life with sustainable principles, learn to forgive and love ourselves and others and move forward with new values.  

Atrisco Heritage Foundation wants to be part of their journey. We combine caring support and mentoring with educational content, to improve life skills in a context of personal accountability, and resources to ensure new choices. Our intent of the organization, and its training program consisting of structured resources and referrals for reintegration support, education, and accountability.

We regard our participants as family. Every effort is made to best equip the women and men in their own journey and wellbeing. We provide trust, communication, and a non-judgement style to being a support system for them. Assistance is provided for the individuals to accomplish life goals that will empower them and to be confident to successfully reintegrate into their family, community and society.


Atrisco Heritage Foundation also includes resume writing and interview preparedness. Assistance or referrals for online job searches and resume printing and submission. We’re hoping our partnerships with local business owners, and small businesses will be able to offer some opportunity to have been developed and referrals are provided to some participants.

Resource Bank:

Assistance in accessing social service needs, i.e. documentation, clothing, hygiene, medical care, counseling, and any other resources needed for family reunification and reintegration to the community. We are happy to help them make those extra connections, and continue with their sustainability plans.

Life Skills

Atrisco Heritage Foundation provides classes for financial budgeting, conflict resolution, computer intro training, parenting, dressing for success, self-improvement and domestic violence workshops.

Soft Skills

Atrisco Heritage Foundation provides a full series of soft skill classes to the individuals. It is important that they have these important skills to be able to sustain in the workforce. Examples: Communication, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Customer service, Team Building.

Thanks to partnership Bernalillo County Community Center South Valley Multi-purpose center, we have had the honor of being their training facilitator to the SAC Transitional Living program.