Curtis Flakes Jr.

Curtis received his Bachelor of Arts degree (organizational communication) from the University
of New Mexico and has been with the Children Youth & Families Department since August
2016 serving as a training and development specialist at the Academy of Professional
Development & Training. In this role Curtis provides training to all Field and Facilities staff.
Aside from training at the Academy, Curtis also serves as a master trainer with USA Football, a
comprehensive program developed in partnership with the National Football League to advance
player safety in the game of football. Before Curtis started with CYFD, he managed Public
Allies NM for 5 years. With Public Allies Curtis ran one of the biggest AmeriCorps program
here in the state. AmeriCorps members were provided comprehensive professional development
and succession trainings to ensure reaching challenging operational goals for each member.

Curtis discussed micro-aggression, LGBTQ rights, and institutional change and much more to
help each member serve their community per each owns values and beliefs.
Curtis is a person who enjoys being a mentor and positive role model to persons of all ages.
Curtis continues to volunteer his time by being head coach to NM Flag football league to teach
young boys about not only football, but having structure and goals in their lives. Having
motivation and accountability, and having team building with your teammates and peers.