Serena Sierra-Fazio

Serena Sierra-Fazio, Youth/Adult Services Manager at the Atrisco Heritage Foundation

Serena is a native New Mexican, and has been in Social Work for 9 years. Serena first started her work by volunteering at the Human Services Office to help the low income families of NM become more self-sufficient. She was then hired on as a Case Manager to oversee and mentor 150 individuals, while she attended school at UNM. Serena was the only Case Manager at the Cutler office to retain 30% employment rate from her whole case load twice. She then went to become a statewide Quality Control Specialist for the TANF Program. After showing her resilience for compliance, and policy, she was promoted to manage and revamp the Career Link program in Albuquerque and expand a new one in Rio Rancho. After a month, she was offered to manage another program along with Career Link, the I Care Program for ABQ, Rio Rancho, and expand a new one in Espanola. She graduated from UNM with a Bachelors in Art and concentration in Sociology/Pre-Law in 2014 and was working on her Masters on Public Administration. Serena helped the TANF families of NM get subsidized employment, life skills, support services, leadership, and professional development. She brought the Career link enrollment numbers higher than they had been and the program is now implemented statewide, She helped the families enrolled in the I Care program overcome their substance abuse issues by providing compassionate and realistic goals for them to achieve, so they can be confident to become self-sufficient for their families. She left the NM Works program to challenge herself in 2015. Being a mother of 3 kids, she wanted to find ways to collaborate with youth. She became the Program Manager for Public Allies NM AmeriCorps program where she got to empower youth with mentorship and have discussions about social justice, micro-aggression, racism, oppression, and health equity. Placing these AmeriCorps members through nonprofits, gave them the opportunity to make institutional change, while completing community service work.

After Public Allies, like some non-profits, closed its doors, Serena was hired on at The Atrisco Heritage Foundation in 2017 as the Youth Services Manager. In this position, she was appointed to run the AmeriCorps and Vista programs. Serena currently runs the Atrisco Heritage Foundation’s Guide 2 Greatness curriculum and is implementing professional development training citywide to youth and adults.

“As a mother of 3 kids, I look forward to empowering and strengthening the support for our youth and families of New Mexico.  I am honored to be a part of the Atrisco Companies family and look forward to acquiring as many opportunities and resources in the community to help build the next set of leaders. I also look forward to the opportunity to learn from the resilient youth/adults and families we serve!”