Peter A. Sanchez

As the Chief Executive Officer for The Atrisco Companies, Peter Sanchez has been able to lead a dynamic group of employees in five different entities. The Atrisco Companies is made up of Rio Grande Educational Collaborative, a non-profit business providing supplemental education services, primarily academic based before and after school programs, in schools throughout New Mexico; The Atrisco Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to supporting heirs of the centuries old Atrisco Land Grant and the Albuquerque community; El Campo Santo, a non-profit operator of three cemeteries in Albuquerque devoted to providing burial services to the community at affordable prices; Mariachi Spectacular, a non-profit organization that provides educational training workshops and concert opportunities for people of all ages interested in the music of mariachi; and Atrisco Oil and Gas, a company that manages energy exploration on land that was part of the original Atrisco Land Grant. With this position comes great fiscal and personal responsibility, as Mr. Sanchez’s and the Companies’ goal has always been to promote education, culture, homegrown businesses and communities. These are the aspects of life that are truly important to all New Mexicans and have been an aspect of ancestral heritage of those whose families associated with the Atrisco Land Grant. 

Mr. Sanchez’s entrepreneurial spirit was cultivated while growing up in Albuquerque’s South Valley.  As a land grant heir self-reliance has always been a trait embedded in his ancestral DNA.  His grandparents on both sides had small businesses that provided a modest living and his father was operator of a small family owned business in Barelas when Mr. Sanchez was a young boy.  Experiencing and observing these manners of living had a great impact on his outlook towards business.  It is something carried forward into, college, business school, early careers, law school and then again in elevated roles within the companies that he would eventually help develop and build into successful organizations. “I have used my business outlook and my education to its fullest during my career”.  While the early and formative years of Mr. Sanchez’s career were spent with large corporations, starting out as a tax consultant for Deloitte and Touche, LLP, and as a Financial Analyst at ARCO Oil and Gas Company, it would be the next phase of Mr. Sanchez’s career that his entrepreneurial interests would surface. Over the years, following 1993 to 2007, Mr. Sanchez held senior financial and executive positions  while working in (4) separate technology companies in New York and Texas.  A voice recognition hardware and software provider, a business to business energy trading technology company, an open source software and service operator and finally working as Chief Financial Officer of Bradmark Technologies, Inc. a utility software company.  Helping to build these companies, along the way learning the trials of technology businesses, Mr. Sanchez gained tremendous insight and experience managing companies through various company life cycles, including experiences in IPO, turnaround, as well as build and sell exit events.  Entrepreneurial companies have been the type of companies that have defined his career.  Companies with distinct growth situations and different end games or exit strategies.  In 2007, Mr. Sanchez returned to New Mexico to head up a company that too was now in a start up phase or a phase of redefining itself as a company.  The Atrisco Companies are the evolution of the Atrisco Land Grant or more recently known as Westland Development Corporation.  Mr. Sanchez, an heir to the Atrisco Land Grant, returned home to build and develop these companies after the historic sale of the Land Grant in 2006.  All his prior experiences now come to the forefront in his new challenge in the entrepreneurial arena.  “My prior experiences are stepping stones to my current position as CEO of The Atrisco Companies”. To say I’ve worn a good number of hats in my career is not an understatement.   However, each one has made a great impact on my life and continues to drive me to make The Atrisco Companies a unique business that serves the people of New Mexico well, now and in the future.

Mr. Sanchez has earned a Bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting from the University of New Mexico, a Doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of Houston Law Center and holds license as a Certified Public Accountant.  Within the community, Mr. Sanchez serves on several Boards of Directors including Hispano Philanthropic Society of the United Way, Golden Apple Foundation, Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Central New Mexico.  Mr. Sanchez is the recipient of the 2013 University of New Mexico Alumni Zia Award, was honored in 2014 as an Albuquerque Business First Top CEO and was a 2014 inductee into the UNM Anderson School of Management Hall of Fame.